Thursday, December 22


hey everybody, uh, wuzzup? i just wanted to know so ummmmmmm yeah.... i'll post later hopefully on um yeah.....its three days until christmas!

Wednesday, December 7

I'm back

Okay well I know that I haven't posted in a while...and its not completely my fault,(Lucy wouldn't type anything for me) Okay well either way I have been a busy monkey. and Lucy has been a busy, whatever she is i think she said a girl but i don't know. I have gone to disney world, gone to a few gym meets, read a bunch of interesting blogs, and....(drum roll) LUCY GOT ME A FRIEND!!! HE IS....(another drum roll) A GUINEA PIG! here is a couple of pics, of me and scruffs (the guinea pig) and Lu:

Friday, February 4

Some good news and some bad

The good news is that im going to..... Disney world!! Yay! But the bad news is that when i'm there i cant blog but Lucy promised she would take TONS of pictures so i'll post again in about a week bye

Thursday, October 28

Michaels 1st Birthday

Today is my little brother Michael's 1st Birthday!! 006

I went light gazing, Light gazing is were you lay on your back and you stare at the light, it's like star gazing exept during the day and inside here's a picture, DSCN0118

Well That's about all but I promise I will blog again soon.

Friday, August 20


Here are some of my favorite things, I love them SO much that Lucy took pictures of them & Me (and sometimes bob)doing them!!
1. cookies
2. ping-pong
3. Bob
Those are some of my favorite things in the whole wide huge giant world!

Thursday, February 25

Just chill'n with my buddy bob!!

Today I thought I would just take it easy and chill With my buddy.Grampa Pat made a fire and we drank smoothies!
Here's A few pics
Just chilli'n with my buddy Bob
First Christmas

Saturday, January 16

A Day of games

Me and my family have been playing some games lately. And Lucy with her camera at the ready took some great pictures! Here they are.

Here we are playing life at moms table in the living room.

playing life. (I'm gonna need practice)
Here I am at the first gym dog meet!
Day At The Games